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Transfer rules Here are some of the transfer rules existing in Europe right now. There will soon be more information to be found here. Click on a country's name to go to their official web page
Deadlines for signing players
Sweden February 15.
Finland January 31
Germany DEL: January 31
Bundesliga: January 31
United Kingdom January 31
Denmark December 15
Norway January 31
Holland November 1
Italy December 31
Switzerland January 31
Following number of foreign players are allowed in each club
Sweden Unlimited EU. 2 imports (without EU-passport)
Finland 4 imports
Germany DEL: 11 imports. Bundesliga: 5. Oberliga north 6. Oberliga south 5.
United Kingdom Unlimited EU. Maximum 7 without EU passport.
Switzerland Liga A: unlimited licens licens, can use 4 each game, 1 have to be a EU citizen. Liga B: Total 3 licens, can use 2 each game
Denmark Unlimited numbers of imports
France Unlimited EU. 3 without EU passport
Austria Unlimited. Special point-system.
Norway 7 imports